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My name is Michał Golla. I am an amateur traveler. I have a lot of my thoughts on travel, the philosophy associated with them and the large knowledge acquired over the years, which I wanted to share.

So far, I have visited over forty countries on five continents! Including Antarctica.

I prefer backpacking trips, the so-called backpacking and bicycle panniers.

My travel story began when I was 19 years old and I set off for the first time in an old ramshackle Fiat Uno with a friend. Then I got hooked and started traveling around Europe. When I almost visited all the countries of the European Union, I started venturing further, to Central Asia and the far east. I met the woman of my life – Silvia, from Taiwan. Together we set off to “conquer the world” – we set off on a journey of our lives to South and Central America, where, due to coincidences and with a bit of luck – we managed to buy tickets to Antarctica!

I trust that my knowledge or adventures will be nice, pleasant and informative reading for you, dear reader. I also invite you to contact me, I will be happy to answer additional questions, listen to advice and ideas.

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