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Taiwan with the Polish eye

Tajwan granice

There is a place in the world where every fifty meters you can find a pub with food, people sing karaoke in the park, smile and are very friendly, the place where the second tallest building in the world stands, and every few steps you can come across huge Buddhist temples. This country is Taiwan.

It’s translation of the same article in Polish. Excuse me my language imperfectance, I did my best in translating. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Taiwan with the Polish eye

I had the unquestionable pleasure of spending the last few days in Taiwan. It is a country located on a small island near China. Internationally unrecognized as the country and for the part of the people, it’s Republic of China. But is Taiwan China?


From the first moment, right after landing, I liked this place. Interesting design of the airport, good organization of public transport. Without leaving the airport building, we can go to train lines, which will take us directly to Taipei for a dozen or so zlotys (polish money). You can take such a train to the Main Station, from where you can change to the metro line or to the super-fast railway leading south of the island. In addition to Chinese, in public communication all signs and messages are also given in English, so it’s hard to get lost. But this article is not a guide, but a description of the experience, so we start!

At the bottom – Japan, on the top – Thailand!

It was my first thought after getting off the subway! In the subway there is order and silence. People queue up before the train arrives, politely waiting to get in the wagon. In the middle – cleanliness, silence. Nobody talks too loud. On escalators – everyone goes to the right, so that the left ones can overtake them going faster. But on the street …
A huge amount of glowing neon lights, the scent of prepared dishes everywhere and ubiquitous scooters. The city is vibrant with life, has the climate visible from the first sight, has a “soul”!


We pay attention to ourselves as foreigners. There are not many tourists from Europe, I have really met just few people of my skin complexion. You also have to be prepared that local residents are looking at us curiously. It happened to me several times on the street to hear “hello”, once I heard “hello handsome guy”. The next time, walking through the park and listening to karaoke, I was accosted by an elderly man. He did not speak much English, but from a few words he wanted to tell me, I learned that he was doing chemistry for pen pens. He did not want anything from me, all he did was just interested and wanted to make basic contact.

People in Taiwan are fantastic! Nice, kind. In restaurants, when I asked about English, I was not looked at as an alien, but they were looking for someone who would be able to communicate with me. And not only among the service, but also among customers. No problem;)


It smells on every corner. Toff, shrimp, rice balls, clam chowder, pancakes with jam, eggs with meat and rice, octopus …. and more, much more! Being there for a few days, I ate something different every day, and still do not think that I had the opportunity to try even a quarter of the available dishes. Not only is it delicious, it is also very cheap! We will eat a meal for 8-10 PLN. And saying meal, I guarantee that it is not a substitute for a dish, but something, after what we will certainly be satisfied.

And Bubble Tea! Sweet, bitter, with milk, without milk – one of the most famous, characteristic things from Taiwan. Tapioca granulates are in the middle. It’s delicious. It is also worth trying traditional brewed Chinese tea – it has power!


Leaving the city and going south, we get to the abandoned area. Around the mountains, nature, river. In our plan we have to climb up the river! Fantastic adventure. My Taiwan friends took me there with my fiancée to show me Taiwan from the side of adventure and nature. It was fantastic, thank you! The end of our trip is crowned with a hot spring in which we spend over an hour (you have to be careful not to get burned!) By eating grapes.

wspinaczka w gore rzeki, Tajwan

Taiwan and China

Taiwan is considered an independent state, China considers Taiwan to be its part. But how is it there, on the spot?

Both countries use the Mandarin language, but in Taiwan they have their own variation, much more “soft” and pleasant to the ear. Also, the characters are traditional Chinese, not simplified.

Taiwan has democracy, China has communism.

In Taiwan, people are nice and polite, very positive towards people visiting their country, even when we can not communicate with them (although learning even a few phrases in Chinese, such as “my name is …”, “I’m glad to you get to know “,” I understand / do not understand “we can make a very positive impression!). And above all – you can not see any threats of theft, robberies or attempts of extortion. In China it can be different.

What I’m thinking? Taiwan is absolutely not China. In addition to a similar language and geographical location, it has little to do with China. I believe in Taiwan’s independence and sovereignty. It is a separate country, nation, different tradition and own culture.


The word of the summary

Taiwan is a dream destination!

It’s warm, safe, cheap! Well booking a flight (unfortunately, there are no direct from Poland) we can fly in two ways for about 1500 PLN.

Everyone will find something for themselves here.

Do you want to meet interesting people, a new culture? Go to Taiwan.

Do you want to eat well, taste new dishes? Go to Taiwan.

Do you want to come to the mountains that reach almost 4000m? Go to Taiwan.

Do you want to relax on the coast, staring at the sea? Go to Taiwan!

Cześć! Mam na imię Michał, jestem fanem podróżowania z plecakiem, kolarstwa w wersji sakwiarskiej oraz górskich eskapad. Na chwilę obecną odwiedziłem ponad 40 krajów na pięciu kontynentach (w tym Antarktydę!), ale liczba ta ciągle rośnie. Chcę dzielić się ze światem tym co dobre i pozytywne w podróżowaniu, służyć pomocą i inspirować. Dziękuję za odwiedziny! Jeśli Ci się tutaj podobało to zrób coś, co sprawi mi przyjemność i pokaże, że warto tworzyć tego bloga- zostaw komentarz, udostępnij, polub moją stronę na Facebooku. Będzie mi bardzo miło!

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